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Your Window Into Los Alamos National Laboratory

Upcoming events

    • 17 Dec 2018
    • 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
    • UnQuarked 145 Central Park Square, Los Alamos, NM

    Tapping into algal diversity for biofuels

    Algae is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when most people think of Los Alamos or its Global Security mission. For Amanda Barry of the Lab’s Bioenergy and Biome Sciences group, however, algae isn’t just the first thing she thinks of, it’s her answer to one of the world’s most pressing issues, energy security. Often at the center of international disputes, traditional energy resources like crude oil and natural gas are finite and fiercely sought after. Disputes over these resources have ignited wars costing trillions of dollars and countless lives, and will continue until we find alternative approaches to fueling modern life. At Los Alamos, Amanda and partnering researchers hope to provide one such alternative with efficient, environmentally-friendly algal biofuels. 

    Join us at UnQuarked on Monday, December 17 to hear Amanda talk about how research into algal diversity may provide planet-friendly alternatives to global energy issues and ultimately change how we fuel our lives.

    • 18 Dec 2018
    • 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    • Bradbury Science Museum

    Celebrating our diverse histories

    Migrants have been essential to Los Alamos research for over 75 years. The Manhattan Project, the Lab’s original mission, included migrants from across Europe, including Poland, Germany, Austria-Hungary, the Czech Republic, Russia, Denmark, Switzerland, and Italy. Today, we continue to take great pride in our culturally diverse workforce. We believe the collaboration of a multi-national community is at the heart of each of our successes and employ students and staff from around the globe. Further, we believe our research accomplishments are a direct reflection of the opportunities offered by inclusive philosophy and practices. 

    On 4 December 2000, the United Nations General Assembly, taking into account the large and increasing number of migrants in the world, proclaimed December 18 to be International Migrants Day. Join us for an afternoon at the Bradbury to experience some of the many invaluable contributions made by migrants in pursuit of our global security mission.

Past events

13 Dec 2018 Night with a Nerd -- Seismicity on the Pajarito Plateau
01 Dec 2018 World AIDS Day
24 Nov 2018 Gadgets: Small Business Saturday and Museum Store Sunday Discounts
19 Nov 2018 Science on Tap with Dana Dattelbaum
10 Nov 2018 Scientist in the Spotlight-Security and the Internet of Things/Goodnight, Los Alamos
30 Oct 2018 Weird Science
26 Oct 2018 High Tech Halloween
15 Oct 2018 Science On Tap - Honey, have you seen my CubeSat?
13 Oct 2018 Scientist in the Spotlight-Energy/Time=Power and Fab Fungi
10 Oct 2018 Metric Week
09 Oct 2018 Gadgets Ribbon Cutting
17 Sep 2018 Science On Tap - Simple sophistication: Detecting radiation one beam at a time
13 Sep 2018 Night with a Nerd -- The Cold War, the Daily News, the Nuclear Stockpile and Bert the Turtle
08 Sep 2018 Scientist in the Spotlight-Epidemiology and Mechanical Engineering
24 Aug 2018 Robotics Night
20 Aug 2018 Sensor Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases: The Need for Speed
18 Aug 2018 The Great American Total Solar Eclipse! Lecture and Book signing
12 Jul 2018 Science On Tap - The devil is in the detonators: Shaping explosions
21 Jun 2018 Night with a Nerd -- Exploring Mars with Curiosity
18 Jun 2018 Science On Tap - Down to the tree: A food security breakthrough
01 Jun 2018 (copy) Scientist in the spotlight-Software everyday and measurement
21 May 2018 Science On Tap - Building tiny structures—two photons at a time
25 Apr 2018 National DNA Day
16 Apr 2018 Science On Tap - The Science and Art of Wildfire Mitigation
14 Apr 2018 Scientist in the Spotlight: Fabulous Fungi and Supercomputers
19 Mar 2018 Science On Tap - Energy to explore deep space and other applications
15 Mar 2018 Night with a Nerd -- 75 Years in 60 Minutes
13 Mar 2018 75th Anniversary Merchandise Gala
10 Mar 2018 Scientist in the Spotlight: Materials science/Aquatic biology
03 Mar 2018 Science meets comics meets workshop
03 Mar 2018 Science meets comics meets lecture
21 Feb 2018 Science On Tap - ATHENA and surrogate human organs
10 Feb 2018 Scientist in the Spotlight: Climate modeling/Energy and power
17 Jan 2018 Science On Tap - Quantum computing
13 Jan 2018 Scientist in the Spotlight: the Internet of things/Energy and power
01 Jan 2018 BSM Closed New Years Day
25 Dec 2017 BSM Closed Christmas Day
16 Nov 2017 Science on Tap - Cryo-electron microscopy
27 Oct 2017 High Tech Halloween
19 Oct 2017 Science on Tap - Attracted to magnets
08 Sep 2017 Total Solar Eclipse Show
25 Aug 2017 Robotics Night at the Bradbury
17 Aug 2017 Science on Tap - What's shocking about lightning?
12 Aug 2017 Scientist in the Spotlight—Fabulous Fungi and Forecasting Disease
13 Jun 2017 The Power and Promise of High Power Electromagnetic Weapons
24 May 2017 Ray Monk (biographer of J. Robert Oppenheimer) Talk and Booksigning
18 May 2017 Science on Tap - Discovering boron on Mars
13 May 2017 Scientist in the Spotlight—Mechanical engineering and nano technology
20 Apr 2017 Science on Tap - Seeing inside Fukushima
19 Apr 2017 How to Save a Mermaid
18 Apr 2017 Got a Wicked Problem? First, Tell Me How You Make Toast
08 Apr 2017 From fission to juggling: Scientist ambassadors
04 Apr 2017 Water is Life discussion and film
28 Mar 2017 Can We Build AI Without Losing Control Over It?
17 Mar 2017 The Mystery of Detonation
16 Mar 2017 Science on Tap: What travels at 84% the speed of light and is used by researchers at Los Alamos?
15 Mar 2017 The Mystery of Detonation
14 Mar 2017 The Mystery of Detonation
14 Mar 2017 BSM Celebrates Pi Day
11 Mar 2017 Scientist Spotlight-Computer reliability and the metric system
28 Feb 2017 The Santa Fe Japanese Internment Camp in the Shadow of Los Alamos 1942-1946
23 Feb 2017 New Mexico’s Dynamic Geology: What it means to you
23 Feb 2017 Nuclear North Korea and Lessons for the Iran Deal
16 Feb 2017 Science on Tap - When antibiotics fail
11 Feb 2017 Scientist Spotlight
31 Jan 2017 Fuller Lodge Grand Re-opening
26 Jan 2017 History and Goals of al-Qaida
19 Jan 2017 Science on Tap - Neutron capture by hook or by crook
14 Jan 2017 Scientist in the Spotlight this month: It does compute!
10 Jan 2017 Hecker to Speak on US - Russian Relations
20 Dec 2016 The Happy Secret to Better Work
13 Dec 2016 The Power of Believing You Can Improve
06 Dec 2016 Your Elusive Creative Genius
29 Nov 2016 How Frustration Can Make Us More Creative
22 Nov 2016 How to Speak So that People Want to Listen
17 Nov 2016 Creativity under Pressure or Why Disarming a Terrorist Nuke Is like Defending against Aliens in Space
15 Nov 2016 How to Build a Business that Lasts 100 Years
08 Nov 2016 How Better Tech Could Protect Us from Distraction
01 Nov 2016 The Workforce Crisis of 2030 -- and How to Start Solving It
25 Oct 2016 The Way We Think About Work is Broken
21 Oct 2016 Coordination of Efforts Between Restart, Experimentation and Modeling for the Transient Test Reactor
20 Oct 2016 Science on Tap - Harnessing Actinium-225 for Cancer Treatment
18 Oct 2016 Two Reasons Companies Fail -- and How to Avoid Them
13 Oct 2016 A New Park for the New Century: The Making of the Manhattan Project Historical Park
11 Oct 2016 How to Save the World (or at Least Yourself) from Bad Meetings
08 Oct 2016 Scientist in the Spotlight
04 Oct 2016 The Power of Introverts
27 Sep 2016 Want to Innovate? Become a 'Now-ist'
19 Sep 2016 Gravitational Waves Community Lecture
15 Sep 2016 Science on Tap - Robotics
10 Sep 2016 Scientist in the Spotlight
07 Sep 2016 Santa Fe Science Cafe for Young Thinkers -- Vaccines versus Viral Variability
18 Aug 2016 The Neutrino Yesterday and Today
13 Aug 2016 Scientist in the Spotlight
21 Jul 2016 Science on Tap-Why the dinosaurs needed fusion rockets too
16 Jul 2016 Sciencefest: It's all about codes
16 Jul 2016 Silent voices of WWII: The Navajo Code Talkers’ vital, secret role in the Pacific Theater

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