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Taos Students Visit Museum Thanks To BSMA

13 Jun 2017 2:07 PM | Anonymous

BSM Educator Liz Martineau shows students the flash light they will use to make shadows during an activity. Photo by KayLinda Crawford/BSMA

BSM Educator Gordon McDonough explains the Human Battery exhibit to Taos second graders during their recent field trip. Photo by KayLinda Crawford/BSMA

Taos second graders use a tool to create short and long shadows. Photo by KayLinda Crawford/BSMA

​BSMA News:

Approximately 50 Taos second-graders were able to visit the Bradbury Science Museum Thursday in downtown Los Alamos, thanks to the Bradbury Science Museum Association (BSMA).

“Thank you! The kids have really been looking forward to this trip and we couldn’t have gotten here without the BSMA paying for the bus ride,” said Blythe Turner, a Taos second grade teacher.

The BSMA is the 100 percent volunteer, nonprofit, education outreach partner to the museum with the mission of coordinating and providing educational field trip opportunities at the museum to schools throughout northern New Mexico. The BSMA is not part of the museum or the Laboratory and does not receive funding from the museum or the Lab.

“It’s nice to give them the opportunity to work with new materials and meet new challenges,” BSM Educator Liz Martineau said of the students. “It’s fun to watch them figure out solutions to problems through the challenge of making long and short shadows using a model of what happens in the real world, and they get to be part of the model!”

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The Bradbury Science Museum Association supports and inspires learners of all ages in Northern New Mexico and beyond through STEM Education.

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