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Criteria for BSMA Scholarship: The BSMA manages scholarship funds donated by the Los Alamos National Bank for school field trips to the Bradbury Science Museum. To apply, please fill in this form and use the SUBMIT button at the bottom to send.  Paper submissions or scans of this form will not be accepted. The last day to submit your form will be January 19, 2018.  Funding may not be available for all applicants. We will award scholarships to maximize the number of students from Title 1 Northern New Mexico schools that have a high fraction of free lunches and limited access to science museums.  We will inform you of your selection between January 24 and Feb 1 . At that time you can schedule your funded trip with the Bradbury Science Museum. If you have any questions, please email Ed Fenimore at efenimore@lanl.gov

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The Bradbury Science Museum Association supports and inspires learners of all ages in Northern New Mexico and beyond through STEM Education

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